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Innovation is our hallmark. Research is our foundation.

The Corporate Research and Engineering (CRE) and Application Engineering (AE) departments aim to build our technological leadership in research, design and development of engines, and development of customised engineering solutions. This thought and innovation leadership empowers us to enhance our business growth.

CRE focuses on the design and development of our portfolio of engines to meet the long-term ambitions, market challenges, social trends and legislative requirements of the company.

Engine range expansion in terms of displacement volume of the engines has been an ongoing activity. In the last two decades, Kirloskar Oil Engines has improved design and development capability from 6.6 litre inline engines to 24 litre V-12 engines. The existing engine platforms are being constantly upgraded for higher peak cylinder pressure, and thereby higher BMEP, on a continuous basis. With in-house engineering, Kirloskar Oil Engines has successfully launched 180 bar peak cylinder pressure engines and CRE is developing technology for 200 plus bar peak cylinder pressure engines. We have set a new benchmark in the power generation market with the launch of 32 kVA/litre power density engine.

New and existing platforms are being optimised to set new benchmarks in terms of fuel economy, power and cost in the market segments that are of our interest.  Part of being invested in creating a better future is to always be mindful of the environment. That’s why biogas engines, 100% biodiesel compactable engines and natural gas stoichiometric engines have been developed to encourage an environment-friendly society. We also undertake extensive work on new and existing engine platforms to make products compliant with international emission norms when possible. Kirloskar Oil Engines is the first Indian engine manufacturer to meet American emission norms (EPA certification) for the Industrial Engine market.

Our Application Engineering (AE) department focuses on the development of branded products for global markets, application specific engine solutions for construction equipment manufacturers for domestic and export markets, and customised solutions to markets such as defense, marine, mining, firefighting, etc.

All our branded products are designed, developed and validated to the strictest norms in the shortest possible time, based on our understanding of the customer, distribution channel and marketing requirements. Kirloskar Oil Engines is the first engine manufacturer to comply with CPCB emission norms between the global engine and generator set manufacturers.

Application specific engine solutions are delivered by closely working with construction equipment manufacturers. This involves selection of the right engine specifications and design and development of engine configuration and support during the validation of product performance. Kirloskar Oil Engines is currently providing the largest number of CEV BSIII-compliant applications with the widest power range in the Indian market.

Highly customised products are developed to meet the unique and extreme requirements of the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force. Auxiliary marine generator sets and main propulsion application-specific solutions are developed and certified with classification societies. FM/UL certified and non-certified diesel engines for firefighting systems are designed and developed to meet the requirements of the firefighting equipment markets. Kirloskar Oil Engines is the first Asian engine manufacturer to get its firefighting range of engines certified as per FM/UL norms.