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KOEL AMFi panels automatically switch on your genset when the mains supply fails and switch off the Genset when the mains supply restores giving you un-matched convenience.

The AMFi panels are ultra-compact; they are over 40% smaller by volume compared to conventional AMF panels.

Key Features:

  • Switch On Automatically: The panel will sense a power supply outage and will automatically switch on your generator and transfer your load
  • Always Ready To Start: The Generator battery will always be charged and can start the generator whenever needed
  • LED Status indications: Know the exact status of whether your connected load is being powered by your generator or is being powered by the mains supply
  • Option to Switch off: When you don’t want the AMFi panel to switch ON your generator simply select the Manual mode of operation
  • Maintenance Mode: When you want to service your generator or any equipment on connected to the mains supply, select the OFF mode on your AMFi panel
  • Easy installation and Termination
  • Easy to install - The AMFi panel is provided with a wall mounting arrangement and is mounted on four screws. Its compact footprint makes it very easy to install.
  • Easy to connect - All power and control terminals are provided externally. The power terminals have a capacity suitable for aluminium cable termination.

Your Generator now comes with complete remote monitoring control. Being in control of your own Generator is certainly a winning edge!

The KRM system links your Generator with a central monitoring data server through a SIM and internet. The complete monitoring panel with all critical indicators can be viewed on your laptop screen or mobile. You also get all alarms on your mobile phone.

Critical Parameters: Generator Run hrs, Fuel level, Engine oil pressure, Engine temperature, Engine speed (RPM), voltage/ current/ kW, battery monitoring, PF & Frequency, routine maintenance indicator Critical Alarms: Low fuel level, low lub oil pressure, fuel theft, Engine speed, High Engine temperature, Mains On/ Off, Low/ High battery voltage.

Advantages of KRM system: Your Generator will be used most efficiently as it’s health meter will always be available at your finger-tips. Being a ‘remote control’ this health monitoring can be done from wherever you are. This close monitoring also helps in reducing your operating costs and enhancing reliability of the Generator you own. So in all, you have better return on your investment and enhanced productivity by maximum uptime.


The Touchstone Dynamic Compensation system is connected between the genset and the load. It senses the magnetising current requirements of the load and injects the required current dynamically. It reduces the current drawn from the genset & improves the alternator efficiency. Thus the total losses in the system that are fed by the genset also reduce. The improved efficiency can give fuel saving upto 8%.

The problem of overload related tripping of the genset is quite common in stone crusher plants. This can be attributed to large magnetising currents that are drawn by the stone crusher equipment under certain use conditions. The Touchstone systems helps reduce the burden of supplying this magnetising current and prevents frequent tripping of the genset.

Key features of Dynamic Compensation controller

The panel comes with a microprocessor based controller with an LCD display. The controller has a response time of less than 20 msecs. The controller measures the load characteristics and decides the amount of compensation that needs to be provided. The controller has built in metering of voltages, compensation currents and power-factor.

Powered by KOEL switchgear

The Touchstone panels are provided with KOEL MCCBs for overload and short circuit protection. KOEL MCCBs are designed to provide unmatched reliability under tough environmental conditions.

Heavy duty enclosure

The panel has a completely enclosed construction with IP 55 level of ingress protection. The panel is completely finger proof. All terminations are external. The panel has been designed for the stone crusher environment that includes high dust levels. The panel uses the enclosure size and thermal mass for heat dissipation and does not depend on forced cooling for limiting the temperature rise.

Power electronic switching for high speed:

Touchstone panels are powered by power electronic switching devices that deliver an unmatched speed of response. The devices have a high voltage withstand and come with inbuilt over current protection.


The KOEL switchgear range is designed to operate with high reliability under harsh conditions. The range includes the following products:

  • KLL MCCB’s
  • KML MCB’s
  • KCL Contactors



The KLL range of MCCBs has been designed to provide unmatched safety. The range perfectly complements KOEL Green Gensets. Some of the key features of the range are:-

  • Ics = 100% Icu from 125A
  • Suitable for Isolation
  • Compact Size
  • LSIG Protection through Microprocessor based release in 1000 & 1250A
  • Complete Accessories



KML MCBs are designed to operate inside the genset control panel to provide control and power circuit protection. 

KCL Contactors:

KCL Contactors have been designed to provide unmatched ruggedness. Some of the key features of the range are:-

  • Wide operating band from 70% to 120%
  • High thermal capacity
  • Long electrical and mechanical life
  • Low VA consumption
  • Electronic coil 400 A above
  • Built in 2NO+2NC auxiliary contacts above 250 A AC1