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Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. offers a wide range of electric motors from 0.18kW to 90kW in IE2 efficient, 3-phase induction motors. Our basket also has products for both Industrial as well as Domestic Applications. We also offer Fire-Fighting Pump Motors upto 75kW and Single-Phase Motors. Our present range of 3-phase Electric motors caters to most of the market applications and requirements, especially in the OEM segments. Our motors are just not standard IE2 efficient motors but have been curated to meet most of the regular OEM issues/requirements. Some of the key USPs of our motors are:

  1. All our IE2 motors are by-default suitable for VFD applications, in-built with VPI treated windings, right from the smallest to the largest motors available.
  2. All our IE2 motors from 180 Frames and above are by-default in-built with 3 nos. PTC 130.
  3. All our IE2 motors from 280 Frames are by-default in-built with 3 nos. PTC 130 and Space Heater (ACH)
  4. DE locking arrangement in > 90 frames, helps to withstand the jerk of machine during starting and saves from damages.

With more than 150 authorized dealers and a strong authorized service center network across India, we are all geared-up to deliver ‘Performance Beyond Expectations'.


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