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What fuels our engines, is the desire to meet the future, head-on.

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We engineer products to power our customers’ dreams

Built over decades, we are an organisation that continually evolves, with a firm focus on meeting the needs of the future. Our engineering facilities and our research and development teams have been shaped by our outlook on the world. That’s how we consistently seek to better our solutions and meet the highest quality standards while preempting our customers’ needs.

We specialise in the manufacturing of air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engines and generator sets, offering a wide range of power output. We manufacture a variety of agri-engines and diesel engine pump sets that have over generations, and continue to, serve the irrigation needs of farmers. We manufacture industrial engines that power equipment for earth moving, construction, mining, fluid handling, material handling and marine applications.

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Powering life to be limitless at our role model factory

Take a virtual tour of our factory in Kagal where we partner nature to power the facility, convert waste into a precious resource and inspire our people and communities we work within. It’s here we harness advanced technology and skills to engineer solutions that power life to be limitless.



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Our values


In everything we do, quality without compromise


Say what we do, and do what we say


We grow with people and partners


We always listen and learn


We are building for a shared prosperous future


Be bold and brave, and stay relevant

Our vision

We power a caring, prosperous and sustainable future.


Our mission

We engineer solutions to enable our customers to live their limitless potential.

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Our Board of Directors believe that the only way to power limitless dreams is by harnessing unstoppable energy.

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To manufacture dreams, only the best facilities will do.

We have set up a nation-wide network of operations that deliver high quality products. We have four facilities with a workforce of more than 3100 employees. We have advanced manufacturing units in India at our Pune, Nashik, Rajkot and Kolhapur plants. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure that our engines are designed and developed in an optimised and eco-friendly manner.

While powering dreams is the true reward, being appreciated is always an honour.

Committed to serving our customers with innovative customised solutions, we collaborate extensively to deliver quality and create value. This approach of ours has been recognised and applauded with a host of accolades. We are grateful for these awards and accreditations because they serve as reminders to continue striving for excellence, driving us to innovate for a brighter and limitless tomorrow.

Innovation is our hallmark. Research is our foundation.

The Corporate Research and Engineering (CRE) and Application Engineering (AE) departments aim to build our technological leadership in research, design and development of engines as well as the development of customised engineering solutions. It is this thought and innovation leadership that empowers us to enhance our business growth and power our customers’ limitless dreams.

It takes experience, innovation and integrity to produce excellence every single time.

We take numerous measures to ensure that each of our products is always up to the highest standards that our clients expect from us and we expect from ourselves.

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For a promising future, we need a sustainable present.

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We believe that it is the responsibility of every organisation and every individual to take the health of our planet seriously. As a successful company with a long legacy of looking to the future, it is our primary aim to ally good business with good values. Hence, sustainable thinking is integral to our approach and has been intricately woven into every facet of the production process. It drives actual innovation that has led us to create biofuel engines and solar powered generator sets. Because unlocking the potential of our customers and our future is dependent on preserving a beautiful, healthy planet for everyone.

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Our milestones

It’s been a long and wonderful journey of innovations, collaborations and wonderful customers. Along the way, there have been many moments we particularly cherish and celebrate.