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Kirloskar Oil Engines launches largest range of CPCB IV+ Compliant Gensets, Flexi-Fuel and Optiprime Range

Date : September 26, 2023

Pune, 26th September, 2023:  Kirloskar Oil Engines (KOEL), a leader in the power generation industry, is proud to announce the launch of its range of CPCB IV+ compliant gensets. With a focus on delivering high-performance, fuel-efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions, the new gensets meet the latest emission norms set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

These gensets demonstrate Kirloskar's commitment to sustainable power generation and environmental stewardship. They are designed to cater to diverse power requirements across various sectors, ensuring businesses and communities have access to more reliable, cleaner and better power.

Kirloskar gensets are engineered to operate efficiently on multiple fuel options, including diesel, natural gas, biogas etc. providing unmatched flexibility to consumers.

Hence by offering fuel agnostic gensets, Kirloskar aims to empower businesses and industries to choose the most suitable fuel source based on their needs, location, and availability. This initiative reinforces the brand's commitment towards resource optimization, contributing to a greener and more energy-diverse future.

Kirloskar was the first company to launch IoT-enabled gensets with over 60,000 gensets deployed successfully in the field. The data shows that 90% of the gensets operate below the efficient load threshold for most of their running time. Kirloskar’s new range of Optiprime gensets based on our patented hybrid technology helps expand the range of efficient load, leading to significant savings for our customers by significantly lowering the consumption of fuel and other consumables. The Optiprime range of gensets provide increased flexibility, even lower emissions and increased savings for our customers.

These new range of Gensets are all IoT-enabled thereby, transforming the landscape of power generation and its monitoring. Through advanced connectivity and data analytics, real-time insights, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring capabilities that enhance operational efficiency and uptime are possible.

The integration of IoT technology in gensets demonstrates Kirloskar's vision to lead the industry in offering customer-centric solutions. With these new gensets, customers can experience unparalleled control, reliability, and visibility over their power generation assets.

Kirloskar Oil Engines takes immense pride in its "Made in India" identity, serving as a symbol of quality and innovation on a global scale. With a heritage spanning decades, Kirloskar's power solutions have garnered trust and recognition from customers worldwide.

As a testament to India's engineering prowess, Kirloskar's gensets are exported to various countries, contributing to their growth and development. The brand's commitment to excellence, reliability, and sustainability resonates with a global audience, making Kirloskar a true ambassador of Indian engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

"During her address at the launch event, Gauri Kirloskar, Managing Director, emphasized, 'Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited has been a leader in the power generation industry since its inception. Our unwavering position as a market leader in Diesel Generating sets is a testament to our journey of success. Our ability to swiftly adapt to change and deliver innovative solutions has established us as India’s foremost manufacturer of reliable and fuel-efficient Gensets. We believe that our latest offering, the Optiprime version, will further solidify our leadership in the market. At the core of our operations lies our unwavering commitment to our customers. Backed by an unparalleled product service network of over 3,000 dedicated technicians available round the clock, we ensure the highest level of customer-centricity.'"

The launch of these new CPCB IV + gensets testifies Kirloskar's commitment to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries in the power generation technology. 

About Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL)
Today KOEL is an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of diesel engines, power generating sets & agricultural equipment. KOEL has state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India that offer world-class products and services. The company has a sizable presence in international markets, with offices in USA, Dubai, South Africa and Kenya and representatives in Indonesia, Vietnam and Nigeria. KOEL also has a strong distribution network throughout the Middle East and Africa.