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Rotary Tiller


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This is a rotary tiller, specially designed for Indian soil conditions.

Some of the features of this versatile product are:

  • Application in dry or wetland for primary as well as secondary cultivation.
  • A design that offers optimum weight and best-in-class efficiency.
  • The Univator has multiple size options.
  • Tractor Rotavator, manufactured by Kirloskar, is compatible with tractors ranging from 20 HP to 60 HP

ROTAVATOR CME 1500                                Rs. 155,000/-

ROTAVATOR CME 1800                                Rs. 160,000/-

* Inclusive of Freight and applicable GST

Helical blades with a 15 degree helix angle:
This reduces the load on the tractor, reduceing fuel consumption.

Vice skid: A
Avoids damage to main skid and keeps it safe from wear and tear.

Heavy and reliable mast:
For a balanced machine and better performance.

Multi-speed gear box:
To enable varying rotor speeds.

Mechanical seals:
Water out of transmission system


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