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Increased mechanisation has improved the usage of construction equipment’s in this sector. With good quality concrete construction equipment, a construction company can get quality construction work done in lesser amount of time. It can therefore cut down on its labor costs and increase profits by giving the quality construction services to its clients in a faster way. With advancement in technologies, today a number of concrete construction equipment’s have come up for the use of construction companies for improved construction processes. Some of the basic and most important types of concrete construction equipment widely used in construction processes are Concrete Mixer (Transit mixer), Self-Loading Concrete Mixer, Compactors, Concrete Pump, Boom pumps, Pavers, Bitumen sprayers etc.

These machines are extensively used for transferring ready mix concrete, pumping concrete at various stages and road construction.

Today KOEL enjoys almost 98% market share in this segment, as almost all the equipments in this segment are powered by KOEL engines.

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  • Self Loading Transit Mixer market has emerged steadily in the last 2 decades.
  • In the case of a remote site, it is not feasible to put a batching plant. Self-Loading Transit Mixer is able to prepare and deliver concrete to construction sites
  • KOEL engine has a major share in this segment. We supply BSIV emission complaint engines suitable for 2, 2.5, 4 and 4.5 Cubic meter Self loading mixers to almost all the leading OEMs.


  • Compactors market has evolved since last 3 decades. Compactor consist of following types ie. Soil compactor, Asphalt compactor, Tyre Roller Compactor
  • They are used to prepare the road and highways. KOEL has presence in compactor segment from last 3 decades
  • We supply engines to major manufactures ( excluding captive engine OEMs )


Transit Mixer is the biggest application by volume in Construction segment. The demand for ready mix concrete is steadily increasing since last two decades. Batching plant and Transit mixer together ensure quality concrete at construction site on customer demand without the hassles of handling raw material at site.

  • KOEL engine presence in this segment is more than 3 decades. We have major share in this segment.  
  • We supply air cooled engines for 4 cubic meter, 6 cubic meter, 8 cubic meter Transit Mixer to all the leading OEMs


  • Concrete Pumps market has evolved along with Transit Mixer application. At site it pumps the concrete unloaded from Transit mixer to various storeys as per customer requirement.
  • KOEL presence in this segment is from last 3 decades
  • KOEL has major share in this segment for various capacity of concrete pump and supplying to all the leading OEMs


  • Pavers market has evolved since last 3 decades. They are used to lay the asphalt layer over the road under construction.
  • KOEL has major presence in this segment since last 3 decades. KOEL is supplying engines to all leading OEMs in this equipment category.