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Engine Model : DV10TA

Rating hp / rpm : 608 / 1500

  • Most compact, extremely robust and rugged design for higher horse powerin 8, 10, 12 cylinders.
  • Lub oil drain intervals of 500 Hrs, Lowest Lubricating oil capacity of lubricating system in its class.
  • Lowest fuel consumption in its class, High fuel efficiency at part operating loads
  • Four valve Technology with central Injection system
  • Superior reliability ensuring Uninterrupted, continuous and Quality power for smooth operations
  • Electronic Governor for Reliable, Stable Operations.
  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • Easy serviceability for routine, preventive maintenance, replacements and overhauls.
  • Modular design, ensuring lower maintenance cost.
  • Lower lifecycle costs of ownership.
  • Minimum cost for maintenance, spares and services


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