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India's #1 Genset brand

KOEL GREEN is the market leader and India’s #1 Genset Brand. KOEL’s customised power solutions suit a wide range of applications, meeting prime power requirements. KOEL GREEN Gensets are available in sound resistant and environment friendly canopies. KOEL GREEN high horse power (HHP) range is spearheaded by SL90 and DV series. Upgraded with carefully selected technologies to meet latest CPCB emission norms, both SL90 and DV series Gensets are the most efficient machines delivering clean power to large requirements. Having best-in- class fuel economy, the performance capabilities are further enhanced with best-in- class block loading. KOEL Green HHP Gensets are extensively used in a variety of applications ranging from standard stand-alone Gensets to auto synchronized Gensets, special applications like Stone Crusher to Heat Exchanger cooled solutions for basement installations. KOEL Green is celebrating 30,000 HHP Genset sales, a testimony of superlative product performance in most demanding applications and customer’s trust in the range.

Best-in-class Fuel Efficiency

KOEL Green Gensets offer a unique combination of CPCB norm compliance and enhanced fuel efficiency. Across the range, KOEL Green Gensets offer substantial savings in fuel cost.

O2E Series (Optimal Operating Eciency):

Genset ranges are selected based on the present load and future expansion. Fuel efficiency of most Gensets is optimized at the full rating of the Genset.

In practice, Gensets rarely get loaded to full capacity. Power demand variations across day & night, weekdays & weekends.

Summer & winter lead to an average 50-70% loading on Gensets. Considering this practical situation, KOEL has extended fuel efficiency optimization from 100%, right up to 50% of rated load. Combination of best-in-class fuel efficiency & O2E provides a double advantage.

Genset Controls at your finger- tips

There is no comfort like being in command. KOEL Green Gensets put the command in your hands. Micro-processor based Genset controllers display a host of Genset parameters and put all controls at your fingertips.

Monitoring Features

  • Phase Voltages & Currents, Frequency, Reverse power, Genset kVA, kW, kWh, kVAr, Power Factor, Canopy Temperature
  • Lube oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, RPM, Run Hours, Number of starts, Fuel Level, Auto / Manual Stop
  • Battery charge condition
  • AMF feature

Optional Features

  • Modbus communication, Synchronization, Remote Monitoring

Diagnostic Features

  • Battery charging failure, Over/Under speed, Over Current, Over/Under Voltage, Over kW, Phase Seq., Phase missing, Mains Under voltage, Earth Fault trip, Fuel usage Alarm
  • Low lube oil Pressure, High Engine Temperature, Low/High battery voltage, Low Fuel Level, Over Crank protection, Routine maintenance indicator, Genset Test Facility, Mains Frequency

Peace-of-mind Ownership

KOEL Green Gensets have always been preferred for their robust design and reliability over long usage life.

KOEL Green range carries the confidence of well-established and proven engine platforms. For compliance to revised CPCB norms, KOEL has carefully selected those technologies which not only retain, but enhance Gensets durability and on-site serviceability.

Thus, KOEL Gensets offer you many years of trouble-free performance; backed by the assurance of prompt support. Peace-of-mind driven by product reliability and low cost of ownership.

7-Days assured Delivery

KOEL Chhota Chilli Gensets comes with a promise of assured delivery within 7 days of confirm order placement. Genset being a high value capital purchase may lead to needless block of capital and hence need not be purchased in advance. It is prudent to order the genset at the right time and plan the deliveries in line with your readiness to use. This will also avoid damages to genset due to lying unattended at site and engine re-validation cost.

Kirloskar Remote Monitoring system (KRM)

Your Genset now comes with complete remote monitoring control. Being in control of your own Genset is certainly a winning edge! 
The KRM system links your Genset with a central monitoring data server through a SIM and internet. The complete monitoring panel with all critical indicators can be viewed on your laptop screen or mobile. You also get all alarms on your mobile phone. 

Critical Parameters:

Genset Run hrs, Fuel level, Engine oil pressure, Engine temperature, Engine speed (RPM), voltage/ current/ kW, battery monitoring, PF & Frequency, routine maintenance indicator Critical Alarms: Low fuel level, low lub oil pressure, fuel theft, Engine speed, High Engine temperature, Mains On/ Off, Low/ High battery voltage.

Advantages of KRM system:

Your Genset will be used most efficiently as it's health meter will always be available at your finger-tips. Being a 'remote control' this health monitoring can be done from wherever you are from the actual location of the Genset. This close monitoring also helps in reducing your operating costs and enhancing reliability of the Genset you own. So in all, you have better return on your investment and enhanced productivity by maximum uptime.

Prime Rating at rated rpm (as per ISO8528 ) 1 kVA320 HD380 HD400 HD500 HD600 HD625 HD750 HD900 HD1010 HD
Genset Model  KG1-320WSKG1-380WSKG1-400WSKG1-500WSKG1-600WSKG1-625WSKG1-750WSKG1-900WSKG1-1010WS
Frequency Hz505050505050505050
Power factor lagging0.
Voltage (with Three Phase Supply ) V415 3Ø415 3Ø415 3Ø415 3Ø415 3Ø415 3Ø415 3Ø415 3Ø415 3Ø
Governing class (As per ISO 8528 Part-V)  G3G3G3G3G3G3G3G3G3
Noise level dBA< 75< 75< 75< 75< 75< 75< 75< 75NA
Fuel Consumption*At 100 % LoadLtrs/hr6983.386.9107.5125.9130.5154197199
 At 75 % Load 52.561.265.0981.994.298.6126.4163155
 At 50 % Load 37.644.14657.163.866.289.7120112
Fuel tank capacity Ltrs850850850990990990990990990
Weight of genset withDryKg59106000605072007700780083001360013200
canopy (approx.)^           
Overall dimensions of gensetLengthmm518054465650565065606560680080007800
Electrical Battery starting voltage Volts-DC242424242424242424
Rated output (Prime Continuous rating as per ISO 3046) kW294346360447532552663799889
No. of cylinder Number888101212121616
Cubic capacity 2 Ltrs15.9215.9215.9219.8923.8823.8823.8831.8631.86
Bore x Stroke mm130x150130x150130x150130x150130x150130x150130x150130x150130x150
Rated Speed RPM150015001500150015001500150015001500
Lube Oil change period hrs500500500500500500500500500
Lube Oil Sump Capacity Ltrs105115115120145145145205205
Insulation Class  Class HClass HClass HClass HClass HClass HClass HClass HClass H
Ingression Protection  IP 23IP 23IP 23IP 23IP 23IP 23IP 23IP 23IP 23
Alternator Efficiency (at 100% load) 0.8 pf**  94.393.393.494.6959594.695.395.1
Alternator Efficiency (at 75% load) 0.8 pf**  93.893.89494.995.295.294.995.595.4
Permissible Voltage Dip at Full Load 0.8 pf Lag  < 20 %< 20 %< 20 %< 20 %< 20 %< 20 %< 20 %< 20 %< 20 %
Time Permitted to build up rated voltage at rated RPM  < 5 sec provided engine reach the rated speed
Short Circuit Withstand Time sec3 Times Rated Current for "3 sec"3 Times rated current for “10 sec “       
Overload Withstand Capacity %10% overload for one hour once in 12 hours        

  • Lowest OPEX: Best in class fuel efficiency with O2E technology
  • Lowest Footprint: Smallest footprint in this range while meeting the performance & CPCB II Norms
  • Modular Control System: Easily adapted to any configuration, viz standalone, interlocked, synchronised or grid connected
  • KOEL Green Alternator: Built on globally renowned design. Patented winding design helps withstand operating harsh conditions.
  • KRM: Critical genset parameters can be viewed on laptop or mobile
  • Customer Service: Quick and affordable door step service coverage (420+ service touch points and 6000+ KOEL trained service professionals on field)
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty* & labour free onsite service under warranty period­


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