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KOEL bore well submersible pumps are having wide range which is suitable for 3 inch (75mm) to 8 INCH (150mm) size bore wells. Most of the pumps are having ISI marked - BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards) approved performance. Special in built non-return valve provision in delivery casing for maximum water output. Single phase and three phase design, low voltage application, motor protection with TOP technology. Submersible motors are manufactures with heavy duty thrust bearings for longer and trouble free performance. Minimal power consumption due to latest CFD design stage casings and impellers. Impellers are manufactured with new Noryl - Glass filled industrial plastic in small pumps. Which gives optimum efficiency with less noise and vibrations. Light weight in V3-V4 series, simple in maintenance and spares availability with TOC method.

  • Head (MTR) - Up to : 275
  • Stages : 30
  • Discharge (LPM) - Up to : 1280
  • Voltage Range - V : 280-415(3PH)

  • Water pumping from bore wells for domestic and agricultural usage.
  • Water management in multi-storied buildings, residential and commercial establishments, hotels and complexes.
  • Drip and sprinkler irrigation in gardens, nurseries, forestry, etc.
  • Ornamental Fountains and related usages
  • General purpose water supply and drinking water management
  • Industries - water utility, distribution.
  • Fire fighting application.


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