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Motor is manufactured with 99.99% pure form of copper. These openwell submersible pumps are ideally suitable for all types of openwells, lakes,river or underground tanks application where there is a high fluctuation in water level.
No need of priming as pump and motor submerged in water. Pump’s delivery casing and impeller are designed with latest CFD technology which gives the highest overall efficiency. Minimal temperature rise of motor even in low voltage operation. Due to vacuum impregnation manufacturing process. Special breather cup provision for balanced temperature and safety. Carbon thrust bearings & Carbon bushes for smooth and longer working life. CNC make CI/Brass forged impeller for higher efficiency. Bearings and oil seals are from leading international brands. High quality material accessories like bend and strainer.

  • Water supply to residential and commercial buildings, small townships.
  • Overhead water tank filling from underground tank for apartments, towers.
  • In water supply application where source is having too much level fluctuations.
  • Water lifting from open well, canal, river, pond, etc.
  • Sprinkler & drip irrigation.
  • General industries utility and water distribution.


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