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Koel-All Products INDUSTRIAL ENGINES Excavator 4R1190TA (HIGH TORQUE) Toggle Accordion

74.5 High torque, 110 & 130 HP Engine 4R1190 TA ENGINE

  1. Turbocharged after cooled engine
  2. Engine Mounted ECU (Engine control unit)
  3. Engine mounted DOC + SCR, (Diesel particulate filter) + (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
  4. Simple but effective after treatment
  5. Easy installation and OEM need not require to do separate  installation compared to current BSIII engine
  6. No requirement of regeneration
  7. Minimum electronic and very less operator intervention require
  8. All mounting arrangement with engine in assembled condition
  9. All engine sensors/switches and wiring harness up to ECU is engine mounted
  10. Engine mounted main fuel filter with hand primer
  11. No change in engine mounting compare to BS-III (CEV) engine, Engine length is almost similar to BS-III engine. No change in front belt drive installation compare to BS-III engine
  12. Engine mounted air cleaner
  13. Roller tappet arrangement
  14. HLA arrangement for rocker lever
  15. Four valves per cylinder configuration
  16. Better thermal management for BS-IV and upcoming BS-V (CEV) emission


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