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This revolutionary farm machine packs in the power of K cool engine technology and versatility of a tiller and matches it up with the comfort and performance of a tractor. KMW Mega T 15 LVVS offers:

  • The LVS Series has the Ultra Light Transmission which offers the Power of 15 Hp Engine and Performance of Light series transmission and is best suited for Wet Land Areas.
  • This 15 HP K Cool Engine is India’s most advanced Engine available for Power Tillers.
  • The Various Features of this engines are:
  1. K Cool Technology For forced cooling by internal water pump  which ensures the engine can be run non stop for 24 hours.
  2. Engine Oil Filter: Advanced Engine Oil Filter is provided so that the Engine Oil is always clean of dust/debris. This Improves the Performance and life of wear components.

  3. Oil Cooling Jets: It has oil cooling Jets inside the Crankcase which keeps various components lubricated and cool.

  4. Powerful Engine: A powerful 15 HP engine that can handle almost every kind of farm work with ease

  5. Emission Compliance: The Engine complies to TREM III class.

  6. Designed for both wet and dry land applications

  7. Low Fuel Consumption  Because of advanced engine the fuel consumption is very low 

  • Hydraulic Brakes and Seat : Hydraulic brakes makes the machine very safe and comfortable seat compatibility ensure maximum safety and comfort to users.
  • Multiplate Clutch to ensure longer and trouble free operations
  • Ergonomic Design: The design of this power tiller is Ergonomic with a well balanced system. This Ensures that the operator is able to handle the Machine with ease and less fatigue.

Rs.  2,85,000/-

* Inclusive of Freight and applicable GST

Make Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
Model T-750
Emission Compliance TREM III
Type Single Cylinder, Horizontal, Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Power 14/10.3
Rated RPM 2550
Displacement 754 cc
Bore X Stroke 100 mm X 96 mm
Max Torque (Nm) 45
Max Torque (RPM) 1530+20
Type of Cooling Forced Water Cooling
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 2 (SAE 15W40 F4)
Air Cleaner Oil Bath Type
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 8


No. of Gears 6 Forward + 2 Reverse
Minimum Speed 1.48 kmph
Maximum Speed 16.33 kmph
Brakes Parking Brakes
Gear Oil 5 (80 W 90 Grade)
Chain Casing Oil CapacityOil 0.4 (80 W 90 Grade)


Hydraulic Operated Brakes Optional
Metal Ring Type Brakes Yes


Main Clutch:
Type Dry, Multi Plate
Clutch Plate Dia. 160 mm


Rotary Tiller:
No. of Blades 20
Side Drive Chain Drive
Rotor Speed Range 183 rpm and 304 rpm


Length (with seat) 2490 mm
Width 860mm
Height 1320 mm (with tail wheel)
Track Width 710 mm to 605 mm
Drive Wheels 6.00-12 (6 ply) - Traction Type
Side Power Take-off No
Seat Assembly Optional


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